Right now I’m thinking about…

John McGrath.  He was the writer of my Poem of the Day (from an anthology I bought a month ago for 50 cents at a used bookstore and has quickly proven to be one of my favorite used book purchases).  Entitled ‘Song’, it’s a glorious post-apocalyptic piece filled with extravagant greenery and fauna that have taken over the city, much to the delight of the remaining  humans.  McGrath was a radical Welsh playwright, something I discovered in the amusing footnotes to the poem.  I may look for his plays at the library.

Visiting 9th and Hennepin in downtown Minneapolis.  This particular intersection is the title of and focal point for a spoken word piece by Tom Waits on his album Rain Dogs.  I hadn’t purchased a cd in years, but after listening to Rain Dogs on lala.com (before it was defunct at the end of May) I knew I had discovered something to savor, and downloading random songs wouldn’t do.  Rain Dogs is an ALBUM, a journey, a collection of songs that fit together rather than provided disjointed enjoyment that can easily be cut into singles for radio play.  Check it out, friends.

What are you thinking about today?


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