Dreams Accountability Collaborative.

I have many dreams.  Goals.  Hopes.  Visions.  Plans for the future.  Whatever you want to call them.  Here’s a smattering: hike the Appalachian Trail; go to Burning Man; write a book; learn to play the drums; brew my own beer/wine; grow mushrooms; have chickens in the city; bike the Mississippi River trail; never own a car; build beautiful spaces in the city.

I have  made countless lists of my dreams, to-do lists of life plans, but occasionally (actually often, if I’m truly honest) these dreams go by the wayside in favor of the demands of day to day, week to week existence.

But I don’t want to give up on my dreams, silly as some of them may be, and I don’t want to one day stop making big plans because I rarely followed up on any of the earlier ones.  And I’m betting many of you, dear friends, have similar dreams that you might need some reminding about once in a while.  So I propose a Dreams Accountability Group, a loosely knit association of individuals filled with ideas and dreams that will hold each other accountable to where those plans are at.  At its most basic I envision merely asking each other how things are, where the planning/action is at.  And on a deeper, more distant level, maybe even joining each other on the journey to realizing some of our dreams.

Somewhat cheesy?  Yes.  But the alternative is much more distressing- a future life without extravagant plans and impossible dreams.

Are you interested in joining my Dreams Accountability Collaborative?  Let me know here!



8 thoughts on “Dreams Accountability Collaborative.

  1. Somehow I stumbled upon this older post…but I love it. I love making list of dreams, but I think fulfilling the fantasy of the dreams would be even more satisfying. I’m game…especially if meeting in a cave is involved.

  2. Well! Recently I’ve been thinking about dreams in term of product or process. For example, I have a dream to write a book, but I think maybe a better way to approach that would be to try and write daily.

    There’s also hiking the Superior Hiking Trail, learning fiddle, running longer and longer distances, learning how to fix bikes and then biking the west coast with friends, stocking a perfect pantry full of bulk foods and cooking whole foods daily, learn more about fermentation, growing lots of my own food someday when I have a yard, ETC!

    How to keep each other accountable in a gentle, genuine way? Good question. Maybe nudges through multiple venues. Messages, questions, little birds, etc.

  3. Ellie- wonderful to hear! You should share some of your dreams here 🙂 What kind of space would make sense to you to create for the collective sharing of/accountability to our dreams?

    Haven- you know it…just wait until a year from now (or so) and we can start building our Minneapolis community of joy with gardens and chickens and art and love.

    1. I love the Dreams Accountability Collaborative! I wish we could make it like the Dead Poet’s Society and meet in a cave. However, that is not one of my life goals. I have numerous dreams myself, and I frequently add to the list, or partner journal about them, or simply keep dreaming. But I too often feel like they quickly fall into the “someday” category. It often takes spontaneous action that everyday life does not always allow, or small steps to help it grow into a lifestyle pattern. Either way, accountability is key and I would love to take part.

  4. You know what would make a Dreams Accountability Collaborative easier??? Living together…. You know what we should do???? Live together…. 😀

  5. I would LOVE a Dreams Accountability Collaborative. I’ve got lists and lists of things I hope I do in my life, and so often I’m just not sure when to put them in favor of paying off loans or the security of another job, or yes, the day to day of making an adult life…

    Good call, Lauren, as always.

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