Western Feminist and GLBT movements: “bourgeois”?

I haven’t even had time to read Lauren’s first posts yet, but I feel like I know Lauren well enough to have a grasp on what inspired her to start this; I feel fully prepared to contribute. I really like this idea. I’ve learned two things very quickly since leaving GAC:

1. Smart, amazing people that you really click with are harder to come by than I would like.

2. Continuing to learn and think critically about all manner of human issues is now more in my own hands than ever.

Any chance to hear people’s ideas, and keep thinking and learning, is alright with me.

Steve and I drove back from his aunt’s cabin in McGregor today, about two hours in the car, and we had one of those long discussions that starts somewhere specific and grows from there. We covered lots of ideas, but one important point Steve brought up was that he has trouble supporting feminist and queer movements in the U.S. after spending a semester in India and seeing people lined up on the side of the street in the morning hoping to get a chance to work that day.

I agree that many movements in the Western world to end specific types of oppression sometimes ignore or downplay other types of oppression. I pointed out that many “feminists” in developing countries are often not fighting for equal wages, but the right to survive.

I feel like this could go two ways: a movement could become so focused as to lose sight of all things other than obtaining a specific objective and exist to only achieve one end regardless of all other consequences, or a movement could become too general and by embodying to broad of a scope, achieve no real meaningful change.

Do you think this is a real problem? Is there a good middle ground?


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