Places I love: Al’s Breakfast

Though it’s only my second sojourn to this delightful diner, I must say I’m hooked.  Al’s Breakfast is a tiny breakfast nook in the Dinkytown area of Minneapolis, just over the river (but not sadly not through any woods).  The counter boasts a mere dozen or so seats, and patrons-to-be scrunch along the wall behind those who are ordering, eating, and paying.  My first experience at Al’s with dear friends Whit and Caleb began with over an hour waiting in line- we began standing out on the sidewalk and slowly made our way through the awkward doors and into the diner- and finished with ordering more food than I could comfortably eat, but scarfed it down anyway.  While waiting in line Whit regaled Caleb and I with tales of eating at Al’s as a child, waiting in line with her parents and playing with dinosaurs at the counter (which still lie in wait on one of the shelves, just above the scattered yellow stacks of tab packets for the regulars).  Brunch at Al’s was a delightful end to a busy weekend.

Both times I’ve been there I’ve been treated to bountiful coffee to accompany delectable greasy diner food.  Anything with their homemade salsa is particularly amazing, as are the pancakes (I recommend getting the blueberry variety, either in buttermilk or wheat).  They also feature season themed scrambled eggs, though for whatever reason there is no Autumn variety, and you can order any season’s eggs any time in the year.

I’ve only been there twice, but Al’s has already made it into my list of favorite restaurants I’ve discovered in my first year in the Twin Cities, and will certainly be visited many times to come.


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