Small joys, and a challenge.

I came across this little critter while trekking up the 10th Avenue Cepro site stairs to pick up the daily Midtown Greenway Coalition mail (that’s the Midtown Greenway bike path in the background).  From whence did it come?  Was this a child’s forgotten craft project?  I think not, for I saw several suspiciously similar shapes in various other corners of the Cepro site while biking in to work.  Regardless, this viridian varmit prompted a BLOG CHALLENGE BRAINSTORM!

The challenge: 1) Choose a mascot of any sort. 2) Take a photo of this mascot in front of your favorite place wherever you happen to live. 3) Post this photo either as a comment to this post, or on your own blog and then comment with a link, by 11:59 p.m. Central time on Friday, August 6th.

There will be prizes, for best mascot and most intriguing favorite place, and maybe others depending on how creative people may be.  I will mail the winners something delightful, and announce them here on Saturday, August 7th.



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