Words to live by: John Wilcock

(borrowed from a posting on Brain Pickings about Wilcock’s book The Autobiography and Sex Life of Andy Warhol)

“I learned that artist and poets who hang around together basically tell the future, and even though they maybe explain it in words or in images that you’re not quite clear about, somebody interprets that.”
-John Wilcock

This begins to explain my indescribable and often muddled drive to create: I want to be part of making the future.



Places I Love: Fireroast Mountain Cafe

I have found quite the plethora of wonderful moments and places since my move into the Longfellow neighborhood in South Minneapolis.  From quiet biking routes lined with trees blissfully bursting into the fire-inspired hues of autumn, to the pizza place down the block with 2 for 1s local beers every day after 8pm, to walking four blocks to the grandiose Minnehaha Falls, I believe I am quite the lucky lady.  But discovering new neighborhood coffeeshops for reading, working and people watching provides a particularly unique joy, and Fireroast Mountain Cafe has quickly emerged as my favorite in the bunch.

Located just a few blocks West and North of my home, traveling to Fireroast is either a bike ride so rapid I almost don’t need to wear my helmet (but don’t worry, dear friends, I do nonetheless), or a walk just long enough to leave behind the cares of the day and just breathe for a bit.
One can gather from the exterior of the shop that quirkiness is immanent at Fireroast, and their eclectic menu does not fail todelight.  I usually limit myself to a cup of coffee or tea (presently I’m enjoying the Ginger Green, and will likely be going back for a refill) and a pastry- the fudgy oatmeal bars are reminiscent of my mother’s. However they also feature a tasty mexican inspired breakfast/dinner menu if one is more meal-inclined.

With rotating works of local art covering the walls, jewelry and other artistic odds and ends on the shelves accompanied by a ‘take one, leave one’ bookshelf and a bulletin board in constant disarray, Fireroast successfully fills every niche that one would expect from a local coffeeshop.  But it’s not the food or the artwork that leads me to love it so.  It’s the ambiance, a certain comfy-ness that comes from silly signs behind the counter, scattered newspapers, christmas lights in the windows year round, and feeling as if I could settle in all day and not one person would look at me sideways.  Some coffeeshops have a carefully cultivated aesthetic of formality, a business-like decor that subtly indicates to clientel that they too should be busily on their way or they must be missing something important.  Fireroast is just the opposite, a colorful and cozy neighborhood corner shop that I find myself visiting nearly every Tuesday.  Perfect for catching up with an old friend or putting together a presentation, I’m certain all Twin Cities residents would find Fireroast a lovely local haunt.


Banned books- even more delicious than the alternative.

It’s banned books week!  And one of my favorite blogs is celebrating it by having fellow reader/writer/bloggers write a review about their favorite banned book.  A list can be found here.  I do plan to do this on Thursday, the ‘official’ banned book review day.  But in the meantime just want to say I was obviously a supremely bad-*ssed pre-pubescent, because nearly all of my favorite books are on this list.  Rock on, young Lauren, rock on.

What is your favorite banned book?


Beautiful things, September edition.

In general, it is quite the beautiful life these days.  But more specifically…

*The arrival of autumn, the sights and smells and chill.  Norway and Red Maples.  And the upcoming Zombie Pub Crawl of course, as well as the plethora of other autumn activities and events that I hold so dear.

*Realizing that Mary Poppins, arguably one of my favorite Disney movies of childhood (did anyone else act out the individually flavored medicine scene– “cherry cordial, delicious!; strawberry, mmmm!”– repeatedly?), is both class conscious and blatantly women’s liberation.  I discovered this after my housemates unearthed a record of all the MP tunes in the garage.  This may explain my propensity for social justice.

*The Midtown Farmers Market, particularly the apple vendor.  Sadly I missed it this Tuesday due to participating in the National Bike Counts, but will absolutely be there on Saturday.  On the grocery list: jam, apples, whatever veggies look delicious and are in season.  Can we get a ‘what what’ for six tomatoes for $3?

*Having so many wonderful blogs to follow and so little time.  The Rejectionist, Zen Habits, Brain Pickings, and New Dress a Day are present favorites, highlighting literature with humor and snarkiness, methods for centering one’s life, quirky projects/ideas/creativity, and how to make awesome clothing from really cheap stuff respectively.  Check them out and spread the love!  And if you have your own favorites, do share.