I’ve been noticing a number of blog posts lately about procrastination, and I think the universe is trying to tell me something.  For while I’ve never particularly classified myself as a procrastinator, I do often have surprising difficulty actually getting to the things I want to be doing.  Because there are emails to check, bread to make, floors to sweep, and a nap to take.

This procrastination, coupled with my near inability to focus on a single thing at a time, results in an occasionally crippling level of inefficiency.  I’m doing work, but it’s not the work I want to be doing, and what’s more I’m likely not doing it well because I’m doing at least two other things at the same time.  Le sigh.

One of the very few non-procrastination, non-multi tasking moments in the day is my morning yoga.  With the sun streaming in through the east facing windows (now a blessed hour earlier, so even when I get up at 7:13 it’s light, but not for long I suppose…) I go through my cat-cow stretches, my four sun salutations, sometimes a series of warrior poses, occasionally other seated poses as the mood strikes me, and always finish with tree pose.  And during the whole process I am centered, focused on the minute changes in my breathing and muscle movement.  When my mind does wander I notice it gently, and almost always am able to return to the poses I am pressing my body into.

Yoga is my time of solitude, of focus, of peace.  But it is only 15-30 minutes of my day.  As to the rest, it’s a toss up really, a mad dash to accomplish something, spend time over tea and in the out of doors as much as possible, and not berate myself too harshly for not accomplishing what I planned for the day.  Slowly but surely I hope to integrate the focus and presence that I experience while doing yoga into the rest of my day’s activities.

Until then, here’s a wonderful episode of Tales of Mere Existence on the subject.

Namaste, friends.


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