Sans sucre.

I have realized that I have an addiction to sugar.  Far more often than is healthy, I crave sweets- cookies, ice cream, bars, baked goods, whatever.  And far more often than is healthy I indulge that craving.  So I’m going without for at least a couple of weeks.  Not entirely sugar free, mind you, because I refuse to become one of those obsessive label readers for which food becomes a chore rather than a joy.  But no more purchased sweets.  Here are my guidelines:

-If I make it from scratch, or someone else does (ie. Thanksgiving pie, particularly since I’ve promised to make sour cream raisin pie for Benjamin’s grandpa at Thanksgiving) then it’s ok, but only in moderation.  The definition of moderation is yet to be determined.

-Honey or agave in my tea does not count as a sweet.

-I will not compensate for the lack of sugar in my diet by eating other unhealthy snacks, ie. fried things, excess carbs, etc.  I will try to continue adding fruits/veggies into my diet.

Starting this right before my birthday (tomorrow!) was probably not the ideal time, but so be it.

Goodbye, delicious pastries.  May your exodus from my diet allow me to taste even more subtleties in food with substantially less processed sugar.

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