A simple wedding is harder than it sounds.

So it’s been not quite a month since Benjamin and I got engaged, and already I have felt inundated on several occasions by the multitude of ways that one can spend an absurd amount of money in planning an executing a wedding. Just on the basic elements alone (invitations, ceremony, reception, dress, rings) one can get up into the many thousands range. And that’s not even adding food/photographer/lighting (who gets LIGHTING for their wedding anyway)/flowers/etc. So before complete overload occurred and Benjamin and decided to elope just to avoid the whole thing, thus making our parents very sad indeed, I journaled about what I really wanted from this event that has such potential both for stress and for memorability. I wanted to hone in on the feeling, the concept, not the details. So I came up with a mission statement of sorts:

I want the event to be simple, sustainable, beautiful, quirky, and filled with the people I love most.

It’s not complicated. It has nothing to do with finding a dress or a venue or consuming anything for that matter.Ā  My simple wedding mission statement is about the elements that are truly important: Benjamin and my relationship, our values, and the people we care about.

I’m hoping that as the process continues and we do need to think about and decide on details, this mission statement can remain as something to come back to, to remember when balance and peace are hard to find.

5 thoughts on “A simple wedding is harder than it sounds.

  1. So I totally missed the whole engagement thing… Facebook is failing me. I love your summation of what you want for your wedding and I wish I had started with guidelines like that. You can get caught up in the whirlwind of details and decisions in no time, making it hard to see the big picture. Do you have a date/place set yet? Also, if you are looking for a novice-yet-talented photographer I happen to be one šŸ™‚ Check out my photos if you wish: ashleystramp.zenfolio.com.

    Also, if you would like any sort of wedding-planning advice don’t hesitate to ask (although I don’t guarantee how helpful I’ll be). Best of luck in any case, and congrats!

    1. Thanks Ashley! I’m still struggling at times to actually keep to my ‘mission statement’ and not get swept up in things like the number of chairs to rent and whether or not I need to order flowers for the party decorations.

      We’re thinking late April, maybe the 30th, though the Minneapolis Parks person seemed to think that it will still be too chilly then. It’s crazy how many different people seem to feel that they have a say in when and how you get married!

      Your photos are absolutely lovely, and I will definitely let you know when we get to choosing a photographer. Surprisingly Benjamin and I both have several friends that do photography, which is great but makes it so hard to choose just one!

      In regards to wedding planning advice, I’m certain I will need some in the not too distant future šŸ™‚

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