This December I’m reading…

I actually just finished this last night, but wanted to include it anyway.  River Horse by William Least-Heat Moon is a rich river travelog.  Moon travels from the Atlantic to the Pacific via the waterways of the United Space, and chronicles the many strangers, bars, and historical landmarks he and his crew encounter along the way.  I’ve been into travel writing for quite some time now, and this particular piece was a delight for sure.

For the first time in quite a while, I’ve had to monumentally SLOW DOWN while reading.  The Reality of Being: The Fourth Way of Gurdjieff by Jeanne de Salzmann is a mouthful, a headful, and a soulful piece of spiritual philosophy.  I’m only 40 pages or so into it, but I have to read nearly every paragraph at least twice to feel as though I have actually digested its wisdom.  Kind of Zen Buddhism, with twinges of Christian something or other, and a symbol that looks strangely like the Enneagram on the cover, The Reality of Being will likely continue to provide many spiritual musings in the weeks to come.

I attempted The Shipping News by Annie Proulx once before, and at the time it must have been too slow for my taste because I only got a quarter of the way into it before putting it aside for so long that I forgot the thread of the story.  But I’m giving it another go, as the Aussies say.  A story set in Newfoundland can’t help but make winter in Minnesota seem a bit less frigid, right?

In the vein of books and reading, I have discovered that I actually PREFER to have books I search for in the library database not be immediately available for reserving and checkout.  The anticipation of the queue line, inching closer and closer with every day or week to the top of the list, is delicious.  And it’s always a delightful surprise when something I put on my list months ago finally, finally, FINALLY is waiting for me at my local library.  In fact, this whole process is so wonderful and, dare I say, addictive, that I’ve found myself purchasing far fewer books (even used) so that I can feed my library queue addiction.

Be well, friends!


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