Words to live by: Ira Sadoff

“Poetry is associative, not dissociative: it proceeds neither by fact, nor chronological sequence, nor strictly reasoned argument. It follows the inexorable logic of the way we think and feel and what we notice.”
-Ira Sadoff

I had said at the end of December that I wanted to start writing poetry, and I think this quote describes why quite precisely.  Though I have become much more organized and list-oriented in the past couple of years, I still remember and create based on how things feel and the strange connections I sense between ideas and events and people.

Anything resembling actual poet status is far from happening, but slowly I’m releasing my reservations, my perfectionist limitation of needing to write something that is good at the get-go rather than just scrawling the bits of imagery floating in headspace into my journal.  The real test will likely come when I have something that seems worthy of sharing here.

What kinds of writing are others doing as 2011 begins?



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