My tastebuds are loving winter

Even though I failed to do any kind of comprehensive canning/freezing to keep the bounty of the summer around until deep winter, my tastebuds and tummy have been happy with what I’ve been serving them as of late.  Here are a few favorites, as well as a recipe I want to try:

  • Five Minutes a Day Bread – I make a batch of this almost every week, which probably results in more carbs than I actually need.  But it’s so amazingly easy/delicious.
  • Squash Hash – I sort of invented my own version of this that had squash, potatoes, onions, turnips, carrots and thyme, and no sorrel.  It lasted me many meals and filled me right up.
  • Local hydroponic lettuce – This goes on almost everything I eat: eggs, bread, the above squash hash.  My favorite part is that the mixed greens are different every week.
  • Ancient Secret Quinoa Salad – how do people feel about goji berries?  Quinoa is one of my favorite grains, and I can’t wait to try this salad.

One thought on “My tastebuds are loving winter

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog post. The Ancient Secret Quinoa Salad is quite delicious and so healthful. I like the looks of your vegetable hash. I’m also a huge fan of Artisan Bread in 5. It gets a little dangerous for me to have bread dough in my refrigerator all set to bake. I love bread with lots of butter!

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