Happy Generosity Day!

I’ve never particularly enjoyed Valentines Day, for many of the same reasons that my father refuses to acknowledge it as a worthwhile holiday.  Love should be celebrated every day, or at least whenever a couple/family/community feels like it, not on a Hallmark-sanctioned day.  So I heartily endorse celebrating today as Generosity Day, as described in this article from GOOD magazine, an experiment originally done by Sasha Dichter of the Acumen Fund.

Why is Generosity Day worth celebrating?  Here’s what Katya from Network for Good answers:
1. It is a nice thing to do for others on a day when not everyone feels loved.
2. It will be make you happy. (There is plenty of proof that helping people makes you happy.)
3. It will make you approach your life and work from a place of abundance rather than scarcity. (It’s a good idea to be generous when you’re hungry.)
4. It will make you better at the work of inspiring generosity in others.

May everyone give and receive love today and all days to those closest to them and the most distant stranger, without expectation of reciprocation.  And remember to say yes to acts of generosity!

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