Live Blogging at the Design with Nature Conference- Intro

I’m spending my Saturday at the Design with Nature conference, learning about landscape and heritage from a collection of speakers in the conference center at the University of Minnesota St. Paul campus.  Ordinarily I end up ungodly lethargic after sitting for hours listening to speakers at conferences with nothing to do but take notes that I will likely never refer to again.  However, today I had the foresight to bring my Netbook for notes, research (it’s so much easier to remember to look things up immediately upon hearing about them instead of making strange little lists in my notebook to look up later that lose their context and thus their meaning), and an experiment in live blogging.

Hopefully everyone is out enjoying a lovely late February day in various wintry pursuits, but if you’re in front of your computer, stay tuned for a handful of musings and (hopefully) pithy quotes from the conference today.


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