Live Blogging at the Design with Nature Conference- Photography

from Rick Darke, first conference speaker:
*taking photos of specific places for a year, places that are visited/crossed in the normal necessary journey
*look at the layers in one landscape
*if the whole thing is narrowed down to one view one is ignoring diversity
*landscape is light, depth, mood, natural frame, change, place, layering, seasonality
*things have to thrive in the conditions that exist now, not some imagined future, not some nostalgic past
*color, form, and order is there in wild landscaping

I’ve been wanting to take pictures, not because I think myself any sort of true photographer (I’ll leave that to several friends that take marvelous photos), but because I constantly crave documentation of the beautiful world I inhabit- the bridges across the Mississippi River, the freeze and thaw of late winter, the hearty citizens of my fair city that venture out regardless of weather.  While photographs can contain one specific moment at one specific place, I want my photographs to show change in a place I love over time.  It’s fitting, serendipitous even, that I just discovered this amazing time lapse photograph via a friend today.

So Twin Citians, any ideas of where I might take photos for a month or year?

The big question: this conference is generally about the landscape of nature; how does that fit into/over/with the human landscape?

EDIT: Rick ended his talk with “how many people are happy to be alive today?”.  I raised my hand with glee.  Glorious.


One thought on “Live Blogging at the Design with Nature Conference- Photography

  1. Aww, thanks for the shout-out. What an interesting conference! So the idea is to take photos of the same nature space for a year? I kind of am intrigued by that if that’s the case.

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