Simple & sustainable wedding planning update

I counted today and we’re precisely 66 days out from the wedding, which sounds like quite a lot and nothing at all at the same time.  Most of the major details are nailed down at this point.  We’re waiting to get sketches from Soren, a local jeweler who does custom work and we’re almost entirely sure will be making our wedding rings.  The menu for the reception is pretty much set, we’ve almost accumulated enough secondhand glasses to etch for our favors, and a lineup is in the works for readings at the ceremony and music at the reception.  We even have friends brewing some delicious Trappist style beer for the reception as our wedding present.

But how are we doing on our mission statement, might you ask?  Back in December in the initial throes and stresses of wedding planning I sat down and came up with a mission statement so that throughout the process Benjamin and I could be sure we were remaining true to our values rather than an idea of what a wedding is ‘supposed to be’.  We want the event to be simple, sustainable, beautiful, quirky, and filled with the people we love most.  So let’s break it down…

SIMPLE: Still surprisingly difficult, but I think we’re making great strides toward simplicity.  We don’t have a wedding party.  We’re doing a super short ceremony.  We’re having homemade decorations and branches cut from Ben’s housemate’s parent’s place instead of flowers.  We did a single invitation with websites rather than a super stuffed envelope with an RSVP card preceded by a save-the-date card.  There are complications to be sure, but I think we’ve succeeded in eliminating most elements of a wedding that we don’t actually need/want.

SUSTAINABLE:  This has ended up being the most contentious element with parents, because several times sustainability has come in direct conflict with efficiency/ease.  We’re still a bit stuck on the dishes issue (any volunteers to help wash for a bit at the reception?  I’ll be asking you later 🙂 ), but between encouraging bicycling, having a menu featuring local/seasonal food, and aiming for zero waste in all elements of the reception, I think we’re getting there.

BEAUTIFUL: I’m not letting myself spend too much time imagining precisely what I want our wedding to look like, because with expectations often come let downs.  However, I’m wearing the dress that my mother made for her wedding to my father 32 years ago and will be bicycling with Benjamin while wearing that dress, and I can’t imagine many things more beautiful than that.

QUIRKY: An unavoidable trait, I think, in anything I do.  In the best way of course.  I’m planning on folding paper cranes to join strings of lights and fabric for the yard decorations at the reception- this coupled with the glass etching will result in a craft party complete with wine in a month or so.  We’re having various friends play their various styles of music in the yard/on the porch throughout the evening.  We’re planting a tree, either beforehand in commemoration of our wedding, or at the ceremony.  And have I mentioned yet that we’re biking between the ceremony and reception?  We’re certainly not the first to do so (thanks Phil and Jana for being adorable!) but hopefully our bicycling entourage of friends and family will make the journey memorable for at least a few Minnehaha Parkway passerby.

So all in all, things are still in progress.  I’m certain that in the end a few concessions will have to be made to make things work, but I am committed to having an exemplary wedding.  ‘Nough said.

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