St. Paul’s Community Creativity in Concrete

So I have approximately 42378t2 great ideas for blog posts, some of them themed, some random musings, all much more exciting and community-minded than the metacognitive junk and I am sometimes prone to.  But life and work and quilting and Mere Existence is ASTOUNDINGLY BUSY AND DEMANDING at present, and blogging is one of the first victims of the time crunch.

However, there is an extraordinarily lovely opportunity for community art that I just must share, and the timeliness of the deadline insists that I share it today.
It’s sidewalk poetry!  Written by residents of St. Paul!  The process is nearly as community oriented and efficient as you can get; any resident of St. Paul can submit a poem (deadline is April 17th!) and a certain number are made into what are essentially sidewalk sized stamps that are used several times around the city when a sidewalk block needs replacing.  Aside from the initial stamp creation, I’m guessing that the project is relatively low budget because nothing new is being created while the prolific poets of St. Paul have their words immortalized.  I don’t live in St. Paul (though I’m just barely across the river) and don’t yet have enough confidence as a poet to submit anything I’ve written, but hopefully a year or two from now Minneapolis will embark on a similar project.

Read!  Write!  Create with delightful abandon!  And then share your work 🙂

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