Inspiration from friends and strangers.

With the often glorious and occasionally sauna-like ridiculous weather lately I have oft neglected the many wonderful blogs I follow through Google Reader.  However, the tidbits I have gleaned in the few blog-reading moments I have found have been great, and I find myself inspired to create, brainstorm, and dream more than ever before.

The Style Rookie is one of my very favorite blogs for a certain kind of eye candy, fashion, and decadence.  I absolutely wish I had been as fabulous as Tavi is as a freshman in high school, but alas, now I can only aspire to reconcile my adult life with the often mediocre quirkiness of my adolescence.  Tavi’s shrines are some of my favorite inspirations for creating random things- I don’t have a shrine yet, and possibly won’t ever, but collecting and repurposing random trinkets has always been a hobby of mine.

I have long had a Seven Wanders of My World post in my saved post drafts list, and hopefully will get to it soon (maybe a rainy day when exploring my present geography is not nearly as pleasant as dreaming about future expeditions?).  The Adventure Cycling blog is particularly stellar for living vicariously through bicyclists having adventures all over the country and world, and brainstorming such trips for one’s self.

In addition to following the adventures of world-wide bicyclers, I love My Hyggelig for occasional photos of places I know in the Cities and lovely prose poetry about the ordinary joys of these days we live in and so often let pass by unnoticed.  Her latest post led to dreams of my planned vacations for this summer, and to visions of the tres exciting trip Ben and I will hopefully take next autumn: bicycling the Mississippi River Trail.

Summer in Minnesota is always a strange mix of lazy days filled with sunlight, iced tea, and naps, and a frenzy of activity- music festivals, art shows, vacations, bicycling, unending visits with friends, trying to live every day as fully as possible doing and making and experiencing because you know there are only so many of them.

How do you spend your summer?


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