Recycling project: wedding cards.

Finally going through our wedding cards, and as much as I appreciate the sentiments, it’s really very silly to keep a bunch of cards that Ben and I are never going to read again.  Thus, it’s DECONSTRUCTION TIME!

We kept the bits that have writings from people, along with the leaves we had available for little notes at the reception.

The fronts of the cards will find a new life in future recycled cards and other craft projects.

Grand total from the collection:

  • 3 butterfly
  • 4 bird
  • 3 other animals (dogs, bear, wildcat kitten)
  • 4 bicycle
  • 9 flower
  • 5 religious
  • 6 what I would call ‘traditional wedding type card’
  • at least 9 art or local artist made
  • 2 poem
  • and, what I would argue is the very best of the bunch, two recycled, in very different ways at that:

This is from my dear friend Breanna, one of the craftiest people I know.  I aspire to her level of aesthetic appeal in my future recycled cards.

This gem is from Ben’s friend Dan.  He and his wife just had a baby, and rather than buy a new card for our wedding, they ‘rewrote’ one they received.

It’s crazy how easily the Hallmark message transcends any particular meaningful event, and props to Dan and Jill for being able to see the silliness of mass produced greeting cards.

May you all be empowered to recycle all the cards you’ve received over the years!

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