Week of Joy: Introduction

I’ve been in a bit of an unseasonable, irrational funk lately.  Nothing serious, and I won’t go into it here (that’s what a personal journal is for- moanings, groanings, and excessive emotion of all sorts).  What I do want to share publicly is my recently decided upon strategy for emerging from said funk and generally living with even more zest for life: the Week of Joy.

Innumerable things make me happy.  In fact, at several point in life various friends and I have created ‘happy lists’.  Over time and with experience, a few of those list items have risen to the level of joy-giving, activities and ideas that uplift my soul and balance my restless spirit.  So this week as a funk-busting exercise I will focus on one joyful activity per day, sharing the following:

  • why this particular thing gives me joy
  • a reflection on a past joyous experience
  • specific ways to have more of this joyous thing in my life, or practice it more intentionally to increase and spread the joy

And without further ado, here are my seven joyous things for the week, in no particular order (I’ll pick one spontaneously to write about each day):

  • bicycling (alright, there’s a bit of an order because I’m writing about this one today so it only feels fair it should be listed first)
  • birds
  • growing things
  • connecting with strangers
  • poetry
  • cooking
  • yoga

Feel absolutely free to borrow this idea.  Whether you’re in a funk or not, one can always use more joy.

“Things won are done; joy’s soul lies in the doing.”


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