A day of simple summer food.

My morning started as such:

honey-wheat homemade bread slathered with Hope Butter, honey and strawberries from Earth Dance Farm, and a steaming mug of coffee.

I took off for the co-op after leisurely enjoying this breakfast whilst reading an issue of Mary Jane’s Farm, a magazine loaned to me from a friend.  While shopping I not only purchased a week’s worth of groceries, I ran into my friend Jake, an entreprenurial soul who started not only Growing Lots Urban Farm, but the Black Paws CSB as well.  So many tasty local delights!

Riding home with panniers stuffed with delicious, I passed by Greg Reynolds of Riverbend Farm delivering veggies near Birchwood Cafe; I hadn’t seen him in months and we chatted a bit about how I missed having my hands whenever summer rolled around (his was one of the farms I worked on during the summer of 2009).

Upon returning home I commenced creating my dish for the monthly First Friday Potluck Ben and I are hosting tonight: cucumber sandwiches.

Atop more homemade bread (this time sunflower seed wheat) I scooped either dill or chive cream cheese/yogurt spread (seen above, covered by squares cut from plastic bags), followed by a few slices of sweet local cucumber, garnished with a leaf of lettuce.

Now off to yoga before the potluck begins!  May everyone enjoy tasty simple summer food on this sultry day.


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