Connections I Love: Bikes and Composting

I dearly wish I could write an actual post today, but twelve hour work days with umpteen projects and fires to put out are not particularly conducive to such things.  So I give you this instead from the Gardening Matters e-news:

The Compostadores are thrilled to introduce their three bicycle interns: Ahmed, Alishea, and Jackson.  Along with Lead Compostador Patsy Parker, these three interns have been building compost bins for several community gardens in North and South Minneapolis.  They’ve been helping us build an infrastructure for a bike-pickup program and community-based composting system.  All the while, they’ve been braving these sweltering and humid days to fill up our bins – carefully recording weights and monitoring the temperatures of our compost to ensure safe practices.

As we move ahead through the summer, the interns will have regular bike routes, picking up from establishments on some hefty and impressive bike trailers and making healthy soil in local community gardens.  Keep your eyes out for them!

I am a lover of many things, silly and serious, and compost is one that thoroughly spans both of those.  Soil = joy.

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