Right Now I’m Reading: The Fifth Sacred Thing

Via a friend’s posting of the fantastic (and now, funded!) Kickstarter project to make a movie of the book, I finally picked up The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk.  And at about halfway through I’m wondering how and why I never read it before.

I’m a sucker for novels set in the future, for dystopias/utopias, and for nature writing.  This is all of the above.  The center stage for the story is San Francisco, circa 2048, which has been rebuilt as an enclave after the ruling corporations have taken over the rest of the country and perhaps the world.

Starhawk lays out a phenomenal vision of a future built around community, reverence for nature (ie the Four Sacred Things: earth, air, water and fire), authentic relationships, and ingenuity.  This rich novel is deeply feeding my desire for intentional community, something that just might be on my life’s horizon in the nearer future than I expected.

In the meantime, potlucks galore, collective visionings with friends (who wants to reestablish the Dreams Accountability Collaborative?), and deeply living and loving the last days of summer.

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