Community Echinacea Tincture

My latest project endeavors to combine several joys of mine: growing things, herbalism, and community.  I’ve made ten of the little cards you can see at left to give to people in the neighborhood that have echinacea plants in their yard in hopes that they will be willing to donate a plant in exchange for a small bottle of finished tincture.  With the impending fall and winter cold season, I think an immunity boosting tincture would be just the thing to share.  And hopefully I’ll make some new friends in the process 🙂

I’ll have my contact information and a blurb explaining what a tincture is on the back (hence the star), which I hope isn’t condescending, but I don’t want to assume everyone knows what a tincture is already.

I’ve also changed my weekly bread baking routine a bit; rather than doubling the Holden Village bread recipe to bake a large loaf for Ben and me for the week, I’ve been tripling it and baking an extra small loaf or two to give away to a friend.  If you live in the Twin Cities and would like to be on the recipient list for said extra bread, leave me a comment here.  Who doesn’t love freshly baked bread?


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