Places I Love: Parkway Pizza

At long last I write an ode to Parkway Pizza, the fabulous pizza joint mere feet from my doorstep.  Host to my wedding ‘rehearsal dinner’, Parkway just might be everything I could want in a pizza place.

The foundation of my adoration is of course in the pizza ingredients themselves.  Parkway has pledged to use as many local ingredients as possible, and has a sign indicating that Wisconsin is the origin of their cheese.  Gluten-free crust is available for the celiacs and gluten-intolerant among us, and they do a fabulous olive oil garlic bread for my dairy-free friend Lee.  They also just added mock duck as a new pizza topping, which substitutes fabulously for any meat on any pizza, equally and sometimes surpassing (in the case of the chicken alfredo pizza) the previous carnivore-induced deliciousness.

Beer is another obvious highlight- all beers that Parkway carries are local, and they recently began serving a handful of locals on tap in addition to bottles.  I’m more than ready for a fall/winter seasonal to return to the tap list, but in the meantime the IPA will more than suffice.

Free pool and foosball tables, rotating local art, friendly staff, and frequent donations to local schools round out the list of what makes Parkway so fantastic.  Almost.  The icing on the cake is their all the time special deal: $20 for a jumbo one topping pizza and a pitcher of Grain Belt.  Including tax.  Where else can you get something so tasty so cheaply?  Ben and I used to take advantage of this special nearly every time we visited Parkway, but the new Sunday evenings bicyclists and friends gatherings have switched things up a bit, for the better I think.  Regular friend and food events make my heart happy.

Next time you’re in the Longfellow/Hiawatha neighborhood, visiting Minnehaha Falls or the like, be sure to partake of the delights of Parkway Pizza.


2 thoughts on “Places I Love: Parkway Pizza

  1. This is a great review. I love having a local pizza place in my neighborhood too! I’ll definitely hit up Parkway soon. By the way, one of my co-workers tried it because my tour guide pointed out that they serve gluten-free pizza so I am sure that’s a huge selling point! I’m going to share your blog post with Minneapolis 81 followers and fans :).

    1. Thanks Janelle! And thank you for doing such a fantastic review of the whole of Minneapolis with your fabulous blog- I have yet to get to most of the entries because I want to be sure to remember which places I want to visit in the various neighborhoods you highlight.

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