Movements of the Moment and a Happy List

Between the Occupy movement and the Keystone XL Pipeline protests there has been much as of late to get excited about.  At the very least important progressive issues are taking center stage in the media, and at best real change in our world is fermenting.

As I spend hours in a tantalizing mixture of passionate conversation, media research, and imagining ways that we might actually, finally, start asking the important questions about our society rather than ‘how can we sort of balance the budget while still maintaining the status quo, and thus neglecting all the important programs that make people and culture thrive?’, I’m finding internal tension building.  I’m forgetting to breathe, and I’m tending toward anger and blame rather than compassion.

To rectify this, or at least make small internal movements toward calm and compassion, here is my present moment happy list, a resurrection of a delightful pasttime my high school BFF Susan and I undertook quite extensively.

1. Brief glimpses of glorious autumn sunsets from the windows at work before I head into an evening meeting.

2. Coco Rosie.

3. Weddings, somewhat in spite of myself, and the ensuing emotion.  I finally posted the album of my own celebration.

4. Winter squash, large and small, from the tiny gourds that I used as the cake topper for my brother in law’s wedding cake last weekend to the enormous Cinderella squash they let us take home from the decorations stash.

5. Reading graphic novels again, and finding series on my own (though your past recommendations have been marvelous, Caleb, and I do enjoy receiving Locke and Key from you), and discovering the relatively extensive collection held by the Hennepin County Library.

What is your happy list these days?

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