Words to Live By: Van Jones

I’m still spending a large amount of my time and energy keeping track of the Occupy movement, reading articles and trying to respond coherently to criticisms like this:

and reposting clever (and relevant) things like this:

But it is individuals and movements like Van Jones and the American Dream Movement that continue to hold my attention.  And Jones doesn’t let us off easy.

We talk collective. We talk Kumbaya. We talk solidarity forever. But we have enacted the most individualistic strategy in the republic. Me, myself, my group, my cause, my brand, my thing … If we can be as warm and sharing and kind as the Tea Party — which one might suspect is a relatively low barwe might be able to do something for our country. That’s the invitation to you.

Sitting around and talking isn’t enough anymore.  Neither is being critical and fragmentary, pitting one progressive issue against another to a resulting gain of nothing for no one.  Real unity and ACTION is a necessity, and anyone who cares about anything needs to be part of it.

But you have to ask yourself a question as a person, as a father, and as a movement: What happens when you have a big dream, and it gets crushed? … Do you just lay there forever, or do you get back up with a bigger dream? Were back now with an even bigger dream.

Read the whole article here.

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