Geek Interlude- Pokeballs and CONvergence

We now break for our regularly scheduled programming of poetry and sustainability for a moment of geekery.

If I didn’t already adore Pokemon, I would after discovering this. –>

Everything about Pokemon is just…delightful.  Adorable creatures?  Check.  Powers based on elements?  Check.  Easily accessible culture and game for children and nerdy adults alike with innumerable permutation (cards, video games, board game, etc)?  Check.

I got into Pokemon waaaay late in the game.  When I was in my early 20s to be precise.  But Pokemon love evolved into playing D&D, and the rest is history.

The other important geekery in my life at present: I registered for CONvergence.  The theme is Wonder Women.  Tamora Pierce, one of my absolute favorite fantasy writers of my young adult life, will be there.  I am taking any and all ideas for awesome costumes as well as friends who want to join me for this extravaganza 🙂


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