The cleanse of spring.

I am full on into ‘fruits and vegetables omg it’s spring and things are growing’ mode, and enjoying it enormously.  Case in point:


On the left is sundried tomato and stinging nettle hummus just before blending, and on the right is a banana, pear, parsley, and kombucha smoothie.  I heart my (not so secret) stinging nettle collection spot.

Making delicious healthy things while listening to radio of the beautiful Neko Case just might be the perfect way to spend a late March Wednesday morning before work.

Does anyone have other favorite early spring wild edibles?  And if you’re from the Cities, would you be willing to share your collection spots?


One thought on “The cleanse of spring.

  1. WIld garlic leaves though don’t know where to find them in city spots. I’ve been blending them with fresh parsley (garden) in my green juices. Your kombucha smoothie sounds delicious! Recently my saviour has been bananas, avocados, maca, cacao, raw honey, chia seed and beetroot juice blended to smooth, deep red smoothie! The tastes of nature, huh!

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