Internal Audit: Couch Surfing and Connectedness

 I am getting more involved with Couch Surfing.  We’ve had three surfers already in the last month, with a fourth arriving today.  I love this project because connectedness and authentic conversation are two of the most important things to me (and the former happens to be my number one strength on Strengths Finder), and meeting new people who will share their experiences and delve into the meat of life is a joy.  I also don’t believe that travel should be expensive, and that to truly see and know a place you need to experience it with the people that live there.  I am still processing the trust and safety issues that emerge with this practice, especially the residue from my upbringing that tells me to not trust anyone, at least at first, but I do believe that people as individuals are good, and want to be open to the world rather than closed off as my parents sometimes seem to be.

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