Interlude: My Love for OITNB is Eternal.

If you have not seen Orange is the New Black yet, open a new tab, log into Netflix (or get an account.  Now.  Seriously), and prepare yourself for an all nighter.  This show is fabulous.


The cast hangs out!  For fun!  Celebrating their birthdays!  So cute OMG! (Thanks Autostraddle for the photo.)

This show has women, queers, people of color, relationship drama, critiques of the prison system and other aspects of culture.  It’s holistically, perfectly, and outstandingly stellar.  Like as in outer space.  And I absolutely cannot wait until the second season begins.  Especially since it turns out that Laura Prepon is happily returning, contrary to rumor.

Now I’ll go back to pretending I don’t watch/care about tv.  Until early next year that is.

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