Truth Tellers

ImageI’ve been watching Skins again, that ridiculous teenage melodrama crack addiction of a show.  Aside from the pleasant brainlessness of watching fictional British high schoolers make bad decisions over and over, Skins does have occasional moments of virtue and insight.  In one of my most recently viewed episodes, shy gay Emily explains to mildly autistic genius JJ that she is going to counseling to be better at sharing honest things about herself.  Not a bad idea.

So here are some truths about me.

I am captivated by theory (political, scientific, social, you name it), but spending too much time thinking about it doesn’t really make me happy.  Practice does.  Dancing.  Cooking.  Living and acting connected to my body and emotions rather than relying so heavily on my head.

I.  Love.  Androgyny.  This doesn’t always have to look a certain way, though I think we’d all do better in life taking a leaf out of David Bowie’s book once in a while.  For my own self, androgyny means I end up looking kind of like a cute anime creature.  Manifested in my kind of sort of lady friend, it’s a delicious muscular athleticism.  In men I enjoy, it’s a sinewy, aesthetically attentive beauty.

I am an equal blend of introversion and extroversion.  No one expects this.  Most acquaintances assume I am all extrovert.  They are wrong.  I love people, particularly in one on one/small group settings.  But I need my space, my cats, my journal, and books books books to relax and retreat to daily for recharging.

What are a couple of your  truths?


3 thoughts on “Truth Tellers

  1. I love androgyny too. I’m not keen on traditional gender roles. I find them to be heavily influenced by culture. My natural self-expression doesn’t fit that paradigm. Some people mis-interpret this and think I’m gay. Others don’t get that impression at all. It seems to be very cultural and I can’t predict who is going to think what. Somebody posted a good article about this to Facebook but I didn’t save the link.

    1. Let me know if you find the article at some point – I’d love to read it. Queer culture does such a better job in providing room for people to live out a real version of their Self.

      1. Well I searched as well as I could. I could not find the article. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s something you shared. I think it was about how young kids behave. One thing I would recommend is to observe young kids, before they’ve had too much cultural influence. I seem to notice a wide range of behaviors. I think gender is a much more fluid thing than we assume it to be.

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