The necessity of nearly nothing.

Sometimes it’s not so bad getting a little bit sick.  A light head cold, just enough to sway the decision of whether or not to leave the house outside of dire necessity for a couple of days, might just be your body and heart saying ‘hey, take a break, lie low, the world will still be there’.  Among many other things, my bike tour reminded me that almost nothing is mandatory, and that I am much happier and more centered when I listen to my inner Self rather than guilt myself into doing any particular activity.  Listen and I will find balance.

Today has been a day of endless coffee and tea.  Of enjoying a lovely brunch made by my housemate and her twin sister, for which I did nothing other than dishes afterward (another lesson from recent months: I do not need to be part of everything, and it is a gift to everyone to sometimes just sit down and receive for once).  Of Rico curling up as close as possible to my side, to best soak up maximum amounts of my body heat.

ImageIt’s been a day of listening to the newest Tegan and Sara album several times through.  And then some Led Zeppelin. A day of writing.  Of absurdly early sunsets (argh, daylight saving time, you thwart me!) on our only full size tree, one of few that still remain after a tornado ripped through this corner of South Minneapolis over ten years ago.

ImageDo you let yourself do nearly nothing when it’s necessary?

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