What is one about, truly?  Am I about my personality traits, my interests, my dreams, my possessions, my history, my physical environment?  A bit of all of the above, I think.

In the interest of simplifying the question of what I’m about, I will commit to being about what I love.  I love many things- people, places, ideas, experiences.  I love the Twin Cities and its people and pastimes.  I love bicycle commuting, and the freedom, mobility, joy and health that come with it.  I love sustainability of all kinds, environmental and personal.  I love conversations about big, difficult questions about life, the universe, and why things are the way they are.  I love creating things with my hands, and using recycled/reused materials whenever possible.  I love always having something to work toward in community with friends and strangers.

I love that I have the opportunity to exist on this planet in this galaxy on this very day, a place of wonder, pain, joy, fear, and possibility.


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