Breathe out.

This week I’ve been focusing on exhaling fully and deeply, releasing hours and days of stale air from my lungs.  So often meditative practices and exercise regimes are centered on breathing in, pulling air into the body, and while this is important of course, I have found that my personal challenge is for release, to expel tension from my body.  I find that I’m often holding my breath while doing any number of things which certainly doesn’t help for stress reduction.

Such a simple thing.  But so essential.  Today, breathe out.  Find serenity in stillness.

And here’s a different kind of serenity:



In the midst of the twojobsgrantdeadlineweddingplanninggeneralchaosoflife that has prevented me from posting anything with substance lately (or anything at all for that matter), I want to remind everyone, myself especially, to breathe.

Breathe in peace.
Breathe out compassion.

Love each other, the earth, and the inevitable change of every moment.  Take time to watch the emergence of spring.

I’ll see you on all Tuesday with a post of substance.