To grow.

Thankfully I needn’t force either of these lovelies to grow. They both emerge quite nicely on their own year after year.

Coax from the earth

or rather, gently persuade
with a bit of rain, a sprinkle of poop

and daily attention, even just a

prolonged, easy gaze.
Gardens require intuition

not obsession.



Womanifesto: A Spring Return to Speaking My Piece

It’s been far too many months since I’ve written, and there is no excuse for that, other than I have had far too much to say and far too few words to say it with.  But it’s never too late, yes?  I shall begin my valiant return to blogging with a recounting of my recently written Womanifesto, inspired by Cunt by Inga Muscio.

Lauren Meredith’s Womanifesto

I am a creature of passion, a being who rejoices in connection, emotion, growth.

I refuse to be told that I feel too strongly about something.  Contrary to our cultural belief, I believe that bottling up, walling off, or otherwise denying your emotions is for the tragically emotionally stunted.  I will cry and rage when I hear or read about rape/racism/torture/any other kind of violence because I AM A HUMAN BEING.  I will support others in their responsive emotions too, and together, TOGETHER, we will figure out what to do next.

I am a creature of desire, desire for wind and waves, for multitudes of orgasms, for safety, for companionship.  Desire to constantly grow in and with change, acknowledging both my personal past and my shared human history while always, always, always looking forward toward a future of POSSIBILITY for more justice, more love, more openness.

I am a creature of the earth and the sky.  I want and need to live from my intuition, to sink my hands and feet and sometimes whole body into the gloriously sweet smelling and fertile earth.  I am connected to the trees, the ferns, the rocks of the river, and the birds, and I live more lives through them.

I am a creature who is learning to love her body, apart and away and in spite of the gaze and expectations of others.  I am learning that I am strong and flexible, that I can create with both my mind and my hands, that I can be voluptuous and sensual because IT FEELS GOOD, NOT because anyone else wants me to be.  I will adorn myself as I please.

I am a creature who demands respect, vulnerability, openness, and creativity, and is glad to give all of these things in abundance.  Moreover, I DESERVE THESE THINGS, and so does every other compassionate being.  I am worthy of love and care, and will accept no less.

This is my life.  I will live in riotous abandon and abundance.

The cleanse of spring.

I am full on into ‘fruits and vegetables omg it’s spring and things are growing’ mode, and enjoying it enormously.  Case in point:


On the left is sundried tomato and stinging nettle hummus just before blending, and on the right is a banana, pear, parsley, and kombucha smoothie.  I heart my (not so secret) stinging nettle collection spot.

Making delicious healthy things while listening to radio of the beautiful Neko Case just might be the perfect way to spend a late March Wednesday morning before work.

Does anyone have other favorite early spring wild edibles?  And if you’re from the Cities, would you be willing to share your collection spots?