2012 Practices to Enact

The year has flown by, and an inordinate amount of change has happened in 364 days.  Many weddings, including my own.  Potential home ownership.  New friends.  Loss of family.  I hope to do more of a recap similar to my journaling last year of the good, the bad, and the flat out ridiculous, but in the meantime, here are my 2012 Practices to Enact, in illustrated form.

In thinking about what I’m desiring more of and want to keep at the forefront of my awareness and focus of in this next year, spirituality, creativity, and wellness are far and away the foundational concepts that spring forth.  In contemplating the relationship between the three, it made sense that wellness emerges from spirituality and creativity rather than the other way around.  Plus I enjoy nature metaphors for life 🙂

More details to come, including specific practices for each element.  What will you focus on for 2012?  How can we all hold each other accountable to living those ideas and practices through the whole year?