A surprise encounter.

A brave hooded figure rises from the sodden ground, dirt covered but emerging nonetheless.



Our bush bean plants.



Greedy for life.

I have been told that I am greedy for life.  The multitudes of ideas, activities, philosophies and opportunities astound me, engross me, and sometimes overwhelm me.

Example- in the empty squares on my homemade calendar I have the following list of possible activities:
5:30pm Mondays yoga at Common Ground
9:30am Fridays yoga at Common Ground
9am Wednesdays qigong at Common Ground
7-9am daily meditation at Common Ground
Birding Saturdays 1-2pm at Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden
Powderhorn 24 June 22-23
Paradise Garden work on Fridays/Saturdays?
Volunteer at Steeple People?
Pen Pals series subscription?

One can and should live life deeply, with involvement and interest, but one cannot do everything.  But how to decide what stays and what goes, how to release one’s energy that may be amplified by activity but certainly cannot be endless?

Yesterday at a friend’s Folkalong, a monthly gathering of food and drink and music, I discovered I very much enjoy playing the washboard.  During the next month I have five different people staying at my house, three of whom are Couchsurfers that I have never met before.  Next weekend I’m building a chicken coop, going to a free music venue block party, and likely the first day of a nearby farmers market.

you are beautiful

It is extravagant, loving so many things, glorious and extravagant.  But choosing, choosing between biking and gardening and birds and books and music and writing, choosing is arduous.

How do you decide where to put your energy and passion?