Happy one-week-until-the-election.

Yes, it’s Halloween.  But I’m increasingly unable to avoid my attention being drawn to the impending election, in spite of it being my favorite holiday today and my birthday in less than two weeks.  So here’s what’s on my mind:

If you’re a Minnesotan, vote no.

Then vote no again.

For g-d’s sake, don’t vote for Mittens.

And do your homework, there are lots of other more local elections that matter.  If you’re Minnesotan, check out our local paper’s resource for all the elections in your area.


A glimmer of political hope.

I’ve been posting frequently on Facebook on the MN Marriage Amendment that will be up on the ballot in 2012, because it’s an essential issue both for the sake of equality and for the distraction it is creating from really huge budget issues in MN.  I am ASTOUNDED by how divisive this issue continues to be, and voting no next year is only a fragment of a much larger political and social challenge.

From the Facebook event ‘I will vote no on the marriage amendment!’:
“The house [and now the Senate] just passed SF1308 which will put the question on the ballot asking all Minnesotans whether marriage should be defined as ONLY between one man and one woman, thus furthering the already discriminatory act of MN law. Vote NO!!!”

You can learn more about the advocacy and action already taking place around this issue you can visit Minnesotans United for All Families – I’m hoping to volunteer with them at some point in the next year.

All in all this issue is monumentally distressing and depressing to many, and to me as a recently married person that is reaping the benefits of an exclusive and patriarchal system.  Love is love is love.

However, while paging through the latest issue of Lavender at a coffeeshop yesterday, I came across this:

I ❤ the Minneapolis City Council DFL members.

It’s much nicer in color (unfortunately my scanner only does B&W), as the Councilmembers are all wearing different colored blazers, arranged in rainbow order.  But you get the sentiment.  Now I’m hoping for this ad to show up in more mainstream venues.  Star Tribune, maybe?